Eunice Synthétique Cheveux Pour Crochet Tressé Jumbo Tresses Ombre Extensions de Cheveux 24 pouces 100 g/pack Kanekalon Crochet Cheveux Pour Les Femmes

crochet cheveux blanc, rouge crochet tresse

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Black brown blonde ombre synthetic braiding hair. Gift : Jumbo tresses kanekalon. Qp hair. 9 ombre colors. Twsit braiding crochet hair. Razeal. Freetress. 24inch folded. Synthetic braiding hair. Mokogoddess. Model: A1-j16. 

Chignons Cheveux

Jumbo braids06. Aisi beauty. Mixte blonde perruque de cheveux. Tresses vert. Wholesale pour tressage cheveux: Full star black ombre blue synthetic hair. 100g/ pcs. Jumbo tresses. ะบ๐ฐ๐พ๐ต๐บ๐ฐ๐ป๐พ๐พ 82 ๐ด๑ž๐น๐ผ๐ฐ. Two tone expression hair braids. Crochet braids synthetic hair. Feilimei. 82 inches. Style 6: Boîte d'extension de tresses. Deyngs. Synthetic hair for braid. Type de motif:

Hair Braiding Ombre

Tresses rouge. 165g kanekalon. Aw002. Can be customized: Leeven jumbo tresses. Taille: Folded length 41inch. Full star. Jumbo tresses kanekalon cheveux. Bleu kanekalon tressage cheveux. Falemei. Synthétique cheveux blonds. Type: Jumbo. Kanekalon synthétique tresse cheveux. Lydia. Synthetic crochet braids hair. 60 ombre colors(2t,3t,4t). 


24inch braid. Crochet blankey. 8 brins/pack. 5 brins/pack. Marly braid. Quatity: 1pcs only,5-6 pcs is recommand to a full head. Bandes poils. 24ich folded length,stretch length 48inch. Aisi hair. Verves. Pure color. . Givré. Quality: Blonde braiding hair ombre blue jumbo braid. Sexe: Usually 8-10 packs can full a head. 

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